Thursday, 7 June 2012

CPD Thing #6

Online Networks, Thing #6 for CPD23 is one I had much problem with last time round, I hadn't made up my mind about if I was a professional online only or not, I have resolved that and now have personal use and have some only for professional use.
I didn't get on with Linkedin at first and even now I don't have it connected to the rest of my accounts, sadly after hearing about the password problems they had, I will be keeping them separate. I have found that the more links you have in linkedin the more you find and have found all sorts since I started using it more, and I am trying it as a closed site for our own colleagues here to use as a forum site! for info will follow on this.
Facebook is my personal waste of time! I adore the short and silly games, the quick chat back and for and getting higher in the ranks. Every holiday away it has to go and it is so missed for the first day or two then I chat more and knit more and walk more and have fun! I don't really use it for professional stuff, I do follow a few groups and post interesting library stuff up there but I mainly use for fun!
LISNPN seems a great site and I have found interesting things on it but as yet I haven't worked out how it all works (looks over shoulder to see if any ones listening) sorry! I would love to organise a meet up here in the highlands but have no idea how/where/what I need to do! may yet just break out own mashup and just do it!
LAT network have have followed and again found interesting things but have even less information from, I will keep them and look in and out for ideas. When I have time (ROFL) which is a rare thing, (I think the phrase is hens teeth) I shall try and get more out of this site.
Cilip Communities Have been an eye opener I love them, I drop in most weeks and have re found old friends and made new ones. I have been able to ask questions and send feedback. I have got more out of my membership of cilip this last year than I have in the previous 10 years! and this has been part of it.
Google+ is new to me, I have joined and am following various people, I am trying not to fill it too fats and make each choice meaningful, There are features I like and bits I don't understand, I am not sure if it will replace/eclipse facebook and or Linkedin but we shall have to see. I feel a bit like an explorer in a new land :-).
Pinterest has been so much fun, I am getting a new library which is to be the new community library of me and the public library together. I set up pinterest to allow me to make a board of dreams for my new build, idea and influences I doubt I would ever be asked for that hasn't stopped me dreaming :-).
Networks online can help enhance your world but it is dependant on how much you put in, the ones I haven't got as much from are all ones I haven't put much in (yet) I would recommend it but be selective and find ones that you like and want to be part of.

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