Thursday, 7 June 2012

CPD Thing #7

Thing #7 for CPD23 is National/Regional groups, Special interest groups and looking outside the library sphere. This covers all the groups not yet covered by networks etc, I had some fun sorting this out and initially it had me stumped. I later realised that this was Cilip Communities, and facebook and the mashups groups and any one running a group which might cover what I am interested in. I have been round and joined various groups but as each one is my choice I would not recommend the same groups for anyone else. The local groups for here though are few and far between! If I am lucky there is a Scotland wide one! but I plan to set up a mashup in the Autumn and hope that others will some along who see this and may be able to get to Inverness.
These groups can help so much in your CPD, Chartership and general information bank that every one must find one or two that suit them. Good luck and have fun when you go hunting them, I had loads of fun once I realised it wasn't so formal.

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