Friday, 30 November 2012

Interview ideas and museings

I wrote about my first experience of being on an interview panel back in October with thoughts and ideas, but today I saw this post by the Letters to a young librarian about say this and not that, which said what I had been trying to fluff my way to saying very very well :-).

There seems to be an art to interviewing, to makes the right impression and to getting what you want to say across and sounding right. I am a firm believer in that personality is a must when interviewing, you have to be yourself as well as showing why your the person that stands out for them!

The task of doing/adapting to my job goes on and this month has brought more changes again and new responsibilities,  I now sign off forms and keep spreadsheets of hours up to date. This has me again waking at night worrying that I shall mess up. Sad to be mid Forties and still waking with worries but I suppose that it is just me :-).

Spent part of my morning helping the new Creative Ambassadors in the school, which was fun, but not as productive as I should have been :-). Will make a list for the afternoon! or I wont get all done in time :-(.

Tomorrow will be spent getting a car for my oldest as his birthday/xmas present (for years!) so my mind isn't wanting to do any work. Perhaps I shall finish the Professional knowledge matrix and get my mind back in library mode :-).

Farewell November;

    No sun—no moon—no morn—no noon,
No dawn—no dusk—no proper time of day,
No warmth—no cheerfulness—no healthful ease,
No road, no street, no t’ other side the way,
No comfortable feel in any member—
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds,
by Thomas Hood

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