Friday, 11 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all.
This holiday has been very strange  bouncing from high and then lows and ongoing issues as well as normal Christmas (nothing to see here keep on walking), I started the holidays in a strap for my wrist and by Christmas had lost all use of my left arm and while the pain had let up the ache is still present! On a good note I have some of it back (yeah I can type) and with some help (physiotherapy!) I will get the rest back, and hopefully learn not to hurt it again.
Had a lovely Christmas with all my family then lost half back to the north, just as well, the roof needed work and daughter missed her BF, but it left me with limited driving skills in Devon with a big car! had a quiet New Year and got packed and home. Thankfully hand got me home (16 hours from door to door) so New Year started well.

I have been looking at other blogs with new years challenges and resolutions in, I haven't done this for years and think may be I shall set a few up here to make sure I hold to it:-

  • First has to be tidy more often, I know where my stuff is but it isn't very neat and organised!
  • Next I want to move my CPD on wards  last year I completed the CPD23 which was amazing, I gained a few more mentees and attended a wonderful Cilip Course on portfolio that has fired up my interest again. I want to get some of them finished on their portfolios and chartered!
  • I also want to set up a course here in highlands, as well as going to the wonderful umbrella conference this year (I have my accommodation booked already)
  • My local staff also need me to be around more for them, I have found this bit harder than I thought it would be.
We are due a PLQIM peer review assessment and the paper work has my head spinning! thankfully my bit is done and we 'know' what is needed. I hope this will go well.

I have spent a week writing this despite is shortness as there has been so much to take in and change! I hope to get back to most weeks blogging by the end of the month :-).
Just a quick smile for geeks :-) I got myself a cup, like Q's in skyfall! how sadly nerdy is that, but 'OMG its Q's cup!'

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