Monday, 21 January 2013

Reading and Partying

I have just been asked which blogs I read for my Library and thought that would be a good point to start on,  my faves are  by  and  by  and this was my reply (in under 140 characters of course) my own twitter being @bibliosuk . I don't look for library blogs past these actively but realised afterwards I read an awful lot more than that!
I tend to read blogs I enjoy, either for the content or the style. Some are funny, some are useful, all tend to past semi regularly, I hate getting a post and realising I have no idea who or what they are as they haven't posted in ages! or my pet hate which is many many posts a day! my most prolific at the moment is the history girls which is done by a group of history writers all female who blog every day about things that interest them.  While I may never have wondered about 18th century wigs, or letter writing in the Victorian time or even the fate of women in the roman time, the writers have such passion you end up reading and enjoying all sorts of back ground stuff.

The party part of the title was an invite to a 70th party being thrown as a surprize party. He was very suprized, we were also asked to come in world war two work ware. which ended up being taken as 40's style so we had boiler clad flyers, land girls, spivs and some very nicely clad in minks and posh dancing shoes! over all it was a blast. Best of all was the live band who played and sang for hours! I wasn't going to stay all night but ended up staying for the end of the band! so much fun, danced, swayed and generally behaved in a disgraceful manner, so doing that again! The pictures that are trickling on to facebook have all made me laugh, especially ones of me, I went as a house wife based on my granny whose style didn't change form those days, so I was in florals and pinny, what I didn't realise was my lack of waist meant said pinny slipped down and looked very silly by the middle of the evening! The organiser looked amazing in her 1940's  matrons outfit, her hubby thought she looked very scary dressed like that but joked he'd take it off her later!

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