Monday, 14 January 2013

Running at full speed

The last week has been about getting evidence in some sort of share-able format, getting LEAP plans finalised or even part done to accurately show what we are doing and why! All of which we do anyway but not polished and complete until after, so it taking time. Picking up strings from a colleague off sick and making sure everything is in place, and trying to shape plans for future items not yet on the horizon.

I was asked to write a UCAS reference for an ex-pupil I have kept contact with, there have been a few over the years who I have kept links or missed loads when they go, I am always pleased when I meet them or can help, so this was a treat. Problem, deadline also this week coming (yes it is done and sent but ackkk) I have been running at such a speed, worry I will crash so took Sunday to recharge. Washed laundry and got treated to Lunch at my fave restaurant, sadly had to write future LEAP plan and reword report on author visit I was lucky to have last term. But overall a nice relaxing day. 

I have not been doing my reflective writing and at the moment it is showing, I am just keeping my head above water! This is such a good example of why I should do this and I need to make sure it is part of my week. I will do some today as I need to work out what I have in the air, like a juggler, as I know I have missed something. Did treat myself to the new knitting magazine, and made a square and started a second one from the wool and needles on the font :-) not that I need any teaching but relearning things allows you to pick up things you may have missed first time through or didn't fully understand. So garter stitch squares for me on one hand and a nice crofter sock in the opposite pocket to keep me entertained.
Sadly I missed one of last years challenges which was to start my Gansey jumper, I didn't get it going so this years home challenge is to do this and to get some order in my craft things!

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