Monday, 25 March 2013

Don't forget to enjoy now.

Again work has been busy, I know I say I am used to it,but every so often I sit and look at all I have done and all I need to do and after a small mental brain freeze I find I am happy. What has been most to the for this last week is deadlines, not mine, well some of them, but not the most pressing ones. School has a natural cycle, some run for the whole 6 years, some for each school year and some by term, and some by week. The one most pressing around me is the English (and other subjects) portfolios, which have to be sent today, for some and by the end of the week for others. To make things more fun its a short week! only 4 days to weekend due to bank holidays! (oh yeah I get 4 days off in a row, just how much sleep will I get?). Pupils who spent the last year prevaricating and procrastinating with the best have to produce 4/5 pieces of work at a certain level, by Wednesday! Ones whose idea of hard work is being harassed by their teacher to write a paragraph in an hour, suddenly find they can type faster! as the other options are fail the year, fail the course. I shouldn't feel any satisfaction at this dilemma, no I shouldn't but I would be lying if I said I didn't :-).

The weekend has been full of snow and wind, places have been cut off, power out and the isle of Arran has had no power all weekend and still out! we dd get some snow and my cats had some fun, but my 'little' ones finally old enough that snow men didn't even get suggested. As you can see from my picture, the path is covered in paw prints but none of us wanted to go out in it. Thankfully none lasted a day, so we watched the central belt get our weather and complain, which made it different!

Asked to sort out some work needs to be word and is PDF, decided to cut and paste, and while cutting and pasting have found errors! must be correct by noon and it nearly 11 now, and I have 3 more documents to check. Crisis averted, I made a coffee and in the time it took to walk to the staff room, wash out my cup and make a new cup I decided that I don't have time to check it, the lady who wrote it wanted it that way so all I shall do is transfer it to word and then got an online PDF to word generator to work so done in minutes! Sometimes my world works.

The course arranged for the 3rd of April is on track, small bump with a speaker I had to organise drop out. He had good reason but I did the headless chicken impression until someone pointed out I could ask for help. One of the other speakers also covers this bit and he will fill in if needed, but it allows a but of slack if we run over :-) so not a worry.

 I am making things for my annual craft fayre in the winter but have now been asked to do things for a spring fair! so spent the last few days thinking what s quick and simple and crafty! had made a string bag with wool (nice pale green) but took too long to rustle up some for next weekend, so will think more! may make books and note pads, and maybe pretty boxes, will have to work over the long weekend, I do plan to get out my sewing machine and make clothes anyway! I do love to craft, very very satisfying having in hand a thing 'you' made. but once my quick makes are over I shall go back to my string bags in real string, I may yet buy white string but have coloured string to make at the moment (sadly the string hurts my hands so not lots before I give up and do a softer material). 

Sadly I didn't notice and get out of shot in last years craft fayre, happily you will only spot me if you know me :-) but it was fun.

I am trying Hootsuite, I am not sure what it will do more for me than keeping track myself but it seems to be good. I keep having to look for info and sometimes can't find older info but as I treat twitter and FB as ephemera, I am not sure what I will get from this. Watch this space.

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