Monday, 4 March 2013

Always time for one more row.

I have been very busy and life is hectic, looking back over my posts of the past this has become a theme. I must accept my life runs a bit faster than it did and enjoy the ride. So many interesting things in my life, my children growing fast, my mad cats, work changing and challenging me, and latest big change is husbands' job now takes him away from home on the early train Monday until late train Friday! So the single parent is born (again) I now have to keep track of whose were and why! teenagers are such fun and can be so nice to have around, but they are very bad at taking ownership of things, I have been divvying up jobs as I will not be running round doing everything! Sadly until oldest passes his driving test that is one chore I can't pass off (yet).

I was at Cups Tearoom on Saturday, they have a come and sew/knit group that is gradually taking off, which I am proud to be part of, one lady was knitting a lace fronted jumper (very ambitious and very pretty) and was wondering if she had time for one more row! The consensus was Yes, there is always time for one more  row. Another lady had some new 'wool' which was a flat roll of fabric with a line of holes to knit through, called Desire, Abstrato by woolcraft.
very pretty.

I realised that this idea of 'time for one more row' was true for many things. Life may be more work, more hassle, and faster than I had but I still have time to do the things I want to do. I get knitting done, I read my books and kindle, I get to bake and cook when I want to. The message for me is that I need to want to do more things that add value to my work as well as my life.

The supermarkets are always about adding value, loose carrots 90p a kilo at my local tesco's today, bagged/pre packed 600 gm 78p (1.56p a kilo), chopped into batons 600 gm £1 (1.67p per kilo) the only difference is that one lot are loose, one is bagged and one lot have been processed to save me hassle, that is adding value, and they charge nearly twice the price to add value. I produce lots of bits of work, in word, in power point etc. but I don't polish them and share them, I mean to say, who would value my work! I think its time I valued my work.

This week I am at an event where I am not doing one presentation but two! one will be about Digital Darwinism and social media skills which are close to my heart. The other will be about Chartering and how it adds value to our own lives and works. This has also made me more aware that what I do has a value and adds value to others. No one stands alone and the idea that I have to do something by myself is outdated, I wanted to set up this course and once I started asking and doing it came together very quickly, for those who want to know more there is a 'chartership portfolio development course' at the Centre for Health Sciences at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, due to happen on the 3rd of April from 9.45 until 13.45. Information on how to book a place is available through CDG group Cilip and on the JISC lists that are relevant.

It has taken so long to find the time today but I do have time for one more row, I am my own worst critic, I am the main bar to getting things done and finished, so while I won't get it all reorganised now I am trying to make my world more positive. Appreciate the good and my own skills have value, others are there to help and I am there to help others.

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