Monday, 18 March 2013

Never too many Hats

My weekend was a wonderful mix of Knitting, crochet and chat, I have an on going project waiting for me to get my self organised and done! The knit and stitch magazine has sent balls too small to make the square that they tell you to do. I know this as a knitter of many years but I would hate a new person to feel they had got it wrong because they didn't get done what was recommended but the issues are with the wool and the supplier! But the group did supply my Title again :-) one lady said she had lots of hats another suggested they could go to the sale as she had too many, the reply from the rest was you can never have too many hats! As I have more than I can wear over an average winter I must uphold this. But when it comes to my life, I must disagree, you can have too many hats/jobs to do.

I am also crocheting a big afghan blanket one small crochet square at a time, I am keeping the finished squares in a bag and a rough tally of numbers vs colours! found 8 or 10 balls of DK left from older things so am making it with this! I am making the grey, mustard and pink one underneath! 2 1/2 inch squares into a king size bed blanket makes for lots of squares! mine is full of primary colours and bright tonal colours.

I am also making string bags! slow but very satisfying  I am part of a group which will be holding a stall on the 7th of April and I need to make things for it now! in my vast spare time (face palm) so my non-work time is make make make!

I am a big fan of Google Reader and so am a sad fan of it as they are ending the service! I realise it didn't drive traffic, maybe if it had they wouldn't have dropped it :-( but I have been checking other options out with help form Blogs I follow (yeah yeah) and this has shown to be the best for this, Phil Bradley who is so good at web 2 aspects and is so helpful if you need to ask for help. I have changed my reader to Bloglovin which is very similar to Google reader, not the most flexible and really aimed at the apps market, but will allow me to move that way and not have to change again in the future!

This morning I received my Carnegie Award shadowing pack, and in the same post the majority of the books! I now have to get them in the system and out to the kids! one text is also from the Scottish Childrens Book Awards and another was already in the system as we like Marcus Sedgwick. Looks like being a fab read this year, I am looking forward to reading them when they are in.

No matter how I look at my course in Inverness the numbers are finite, already managed to re-organise room for extra 2 or 3 bodies, worried now we haven't thought of speakers sitting! ack, just trying to get as many as I can to it :-( some names I know should have asked to go on my list haven't, and only 3 spaces left! I will have to man up and start organising one in 18 months time-ish September/October 2014, shall talk to Michael when hes up :-). Also most make sure it isn't in holiday time then ;-) so many mutterings, thought they be happy!

Must get back to work, and worry about the snow that is due to fall over the next couple of days! very frustrating, up to 25 cm predicted for us, with 15 cm today! can see me being a tortoise and pulling in my head and hunkering down while the snow falls but tomorrow I have to drive out west to Farr, all day time driving but cold and its far to Farr...

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