Friday, 2 August 2013

Dreamy Devon

I am having fun getting online, but that has been the only problem with being in the sunny and restful Devon. The sun has been almost too much, but the rain has been welcome. I have been taking pics and walking, and more walking! Even spent some nights under canvas on the Isle of Purbeck, wandered and enjoyed, and wished I had packed more chairs! The sun on the sea, the blue blue skies, I have no need of work or being at home (yet).

I am now in the last few days of away time and I am starting to wonder what is awaiting me, I have been and looked in on my emails but there are many, and my patience is not needing the challenge. I am checking my online world in the pub down the road and have nearly finished my pint. My teens will be asking 'what's for tea!' and my latest wash load will need hanging out. I will be posting more when I get back and in the groove but until then I shall go back to my restful sunshine and my dreamy Devon.

I can recommended the Norden campsite which was fab, not expensive and great facilities! I will get pictures up when I get a computer which connects and takes my sd card :-).

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