Monday, 26 August 2013

What do you mean its not Monday!

Who took my week? First week back to school and I am already days behind, I am sure this was supposed to be Monday!

Oh wait it is, and now I am a week behind, I shall worry about the gap another time.
I have 5 classes of first year library skills to start, they are timetabled for this week and once done I can look beyond them, I still have to copy the main sheet they take away and get out the boards and things I use to help them. I need at least a week to get myself sorted but have less than 24 hours to my first class. Years ago I used to have two double lessons in the old timetable, that is 40 minutes times by 4 so 160 minutes in total, I spent 30 on intro, and 50 on fiction and how they are shelved and how to find them. I then had 20 minutes on why we stored non fiction differently and then 50 minutes to go over the Dewey and then 10 to let them wander and get paper work done for them. Due to time pressures and timetable changes my current crop will get 55 minutes on all that! but what will happen is I will gloss over the fiction and deal with that ongoing, I shall focus on practical Dewey and get them thinking subjects and like headings and then I shall do it all again after the bell goes! I have been into classes and given the intro's, I have already rolled out paper work! and have the hope to finish after they leave. Hurry hurry, no one wants to lose time from their own teaching, and English have an vested interest in them getting running in the library asap!

I have been chasing things this week, figures for a budget for the new build! data for the profiles, dates for the new accommodation in Thurso, dates for the MOT for the vans. My world is emails and phone calls, my sleep is dreams of excel sheets and proforma's, My to do list has so many things dependent on returns and information back I am in hurry up and wait mode! Another joy is the send of month information, the forms to make sure all get paid right, the expenses and stats, the hours open vs hours due to open! All due by the month end which is Saturday!

I am reading a draft of a book at the moment and I will be sharing it when it is finally published, I feel very privileged to read it in a raw form and I have made notes ongoing what catches my eye and what doesn't fit!
In a similar vein I saw this post in the history girls about words, I love how language changes and how the past words mean different things, I like how a word in my parents childhood is no longer so biting and critical and I love the idea that naughty means a tap on the wrist now but meant a whole different thing of wickedness in Shakespeare's time. I often wonder what future will think of our own words and usage. Will the really bad misspellings of the now become the accepted of the future? I saw these posters and wanted them, sadly the strong language means It isn't fully acceptable here.

I am awaiting the info to send my proxy vote for the latest round of cilip guess the new name game! No no I am not becoming cynical but the latest video was a little disconcerting, we are professionals and one of the issues the name change was to address was to find a way to acknowledge it, but then I realise this that is not Cilip done and quiet frankly talks down to me. Few who follow all the to and fro need to be told the details so dryly, and by a professional from another profession! Those who may be new to this deserve to hear from our own people in Cilip what is happening, I felt a bit sorry for the guy who was pushed over a parapet to be a figure head or scapegoat, which wasn't needed, and not appreciated. I am not saying we shouldn't change nor that the proposed name is wrong, just that for an information group we are a bit pants at sharing.

I finish with a quick picture of my curious cat, asking what I am doing? With her little Ginger mask and cute white paws! She will be waiting for food when I get home. And I hope I now have some idea what days it is! um Tuesday?

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