Monday, 12 August 2013

No wait, it is a return to Normal!

The last few weeks have done wonders for my soul, days of getting up when I woke, going for a walk and just sitting still. The alarm went off this morning and I felt I had been dumped in cold water! The day was started, I actually managed to get up and out within the time planned and got to work with time in hand. The inbox was waiting and my white board is up full of reminders and job lists! Ring here, email there, get that done for then etc.
 The paths of Devon seem to be a long way away now, the physical distance eclipsed by the mental distance. I need to be back at work and in work mode, my brain needs to be firing on all cylinders, but the wonderful few weeks of no pressure, no need, tomorrow will do, seems to be just waiting for me to step back into but is too far away. I am checking and getting all my library skills classes sorted and ready, I have a pile of lovely new books to process and get on the shelves! Even a new one I won called the 5th wave! which I am so looking forward to.

I did a small detour in my journey home and collected all the Highland Schools books from Target Who and have been delivering or dropping at the van delivery place all the different bundles. This is a great idea and I think any one who is giving school books should be applauded! If I can do my bit by collecting them and dropping them, well that's even better.

I was reading my blogs I follow the other day when I came across this one and its story. Now I might add I love Ripplescrafts and their lovely wool! but she has raised the problems that Woolywormhead is having. Many years ago when I first came to internet shopping and was very tentative I ordered some hand dyed wool form a lass who loved wools, I kept a loose contact and bought a few wools from her, she then chose to move from dyeing to designing and I bought the odd hat pattern, and time past.Her community and world is now being threatened, I could wax lyrical and thump on tables but all I ask is you have a look and read for yourself about what is happening. 

Another blog I have been following also not libraries unless I am looking for an odd thing to celebrate is the blog of days, which is a daily blog telling you what tomorrow is in celebration of, I did love the middle child day last week and singer sewing machine day :-) The guy who writes also writes as Curmudgeon and occasionally misses the odd post, but overall it posts most days and makes my giggle.

The new name for Cilip is out and it still hasn't solved the problem, Here in Scotland we have (had) a system for the education department to support schools, that included emails and forums and space to share good practice, the system is called 'Glow' it doesn't stand for anything, isn't a short form or the initials, and means nothing special. But all the kids know it, know what it means and use it. I am not suggestion we rename us something random like the light keepers or gatekeepers or some other semi daft idea but I am needing to fall in love with the new suggestion yet...
Just a final shot of Devon, this yellow cottage was owned by a little old lady called Gladys who my mum used to go up and down to in her final years, but it never looked as good as it does now :-). The village had a scarecrow competition and their entry is in the top window.

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