Sunday, 6 October 2013

Apologies for late posting, but so much happening!

I have been so busy and my home computer gave up the ghost, after repeat visits to my IT Guru whose is a star but sadly not psychic we have found the physical disc drive is needing replacement! but only after we have reinstalled all the software side and been back and fore a few times...

Work has been hectic, I have been promoted to a temporary part time acting senior post, which has already meant twice the paper work, and more meetings away. I am thrilled to be put forward for the highland representative on a new digital inclusion style group starting Scotland wide! which is scary and fun but also travel and higher thought then my usual desk job. And the new North Cilips branch is being discussed to up here very soon.

I spent two and a half days at my desk last week and may get less this coming week, so didn't get time to post last week end, nor during the week.

Normal posting will return very soon as I will be getting back my tower, and hopefully more time to get the new work done in the week. I live in hope.

1 comment:

  1. Naughty computer! I hope you'll get it back soon and in better health.
    The new position sounds awesome, but I hope it won't be too tiring. *hugs* Wave when you're back. :)