Monday, 14 October 2013

Deep breath time

I am on holiday! I have a week off, and have plans to sleep in eat well and knit often! I am also trying and getting the world in balance. I am very guilty of burning the candle at both ends to get things done, I let things happen as its easier then fighting for my own rights. I am all for compromise but I need to get this in balance, I am now someone who sorts out others issues and I can't be seen to be accepting one situation while stopping this in other places. I am having to reassess my world and work, which is not so much fun but I did get a load of old paper work thrown out, some form my predecessor pre-2000, while a lot was from my early times and things I tried to get more library use from departments. That worked too well and I ended up being swamped and getting grumpy folks who couldn't get booked in, I am currently on the opposite but I now appreciate it is a passing thing and I have too much on my plate to worry about it. Some things do have to be let go and I can change.

I generated enough paperwork in the bin to fill a 2m by 3m bin by nearly a meter of stuff! as well as a full bag of shredding and a black bin bag of regular trash! I didn't get finished in the time so I will be dropping in and out to get some semblance of order back before Monday. I went through a two foot high stack and a 10 foot shelf area, I still have more to do, but I am now away form my desk regularly and need to have work for my cover to do if they can, and this can't be myself running round last minute grabbing things, so we do ahead!

I am so behind all my 'fun' things, my blogs I follow are in the three figures! my 'work' things that I follow for my own development are looking dusty and forgotten, but I am getting back through them.
I finally got back my computer and had a new drive but no info! all lost at that time, my IT person managed to find 80% eventually and if I wanted to send it off and pay lots it could all be found, sadly it isn't worth it to me, the first time my computer died and I lost info I sat and cried my heart out! The next time wasn't so bad and now I have a 'meh' attitude, I have things I would be sad to lose, but it isn't life threatening and it isn't life destroying. If I lost my work computer and my home computer at the same time I would be more upset, mainly due to lack of internet access. Now all I have to do is work out Firefox, after chrome was stripped out and not reinstalled due to it causing some of my problems!

If change is due you can sit back and complain or get out and change with it!
Just a quick pic of my lovies kitten, loving me while I had my camera out to take shots of her sister and mum!
She is a little monster and I love her, this morning she climbed my shelves and knocked the whole top shelf off, to get attention as I had slept in! some landed in her water bowl but she had knocked it over during the night in a fight with her sister! so no damp books (this time).

I am looking forward to the Highland Wool and Textile Fair at the Eden Courts Bishops Palace! I adore this venue and this event, I have a hotel booked for the night before and will take pics to share of the wonderful wool! I just hope my Lovies doesn't have a go at more shelves when I am away, to spite me!
Come and see if your any where near it :-).

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