Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Head down and aim for Christmas

We are back at school and I am getting my head down and planning for Christmas. I always get my cards and start writing by the 1st of November. I have my stamps and various gifts already put aside, and I have some idea what I still need.

This all might sound very organised but if I don't so much gets forgotten, one year I forgot to send cards, another I forgot presents! With my increased work load I need to be organised more than ever. I have used the increase to do an big throw out, things I wanted to do but not now, stuff I kept in case I wanted, and old information out of date but unchecked till now. I threw away over 2 cubic meters of paper work, more if I count what had to be shredded. The shelves and desk look so much clearer, I hope to keep it that way, and it allows me scope to change things and set up work for my cover to do when I am away!

My tidy mania got taken home, and i sorted a third of a very full dump ground garage out so my car has a home when the temperature drops below freezing, and I found I was ditching the kids toys from over ten years ago :-( but they were moldy and manky which was sad, but I was ruthless. I let them keep the odd item if they could tell me why, otherwise it went in the bin or if decent off to a friends kids who are smaller and will have fun. I didn't get very far into it but managed to get my husband to do a bit later. So between us we will clear the garage.

I also had to sort all my clothes out, we had a leak in the roof above my bedroom, well we had a damp patch when bought and moved in 20 plus years ago. two or three years ago the damp become more a drip, and finally a trickle, and when it rained a pour! We have got used to living with buckets, sleeping to a gentle rainfall inside, wrapping up to keep the damp out of the bed at night, and emptying the buckets regularly in rainy times. We finally found the part needed to fix the wee flat roof and earlier this month husband climbed up and fixed it. We waited with bated breath and the ceiling dried out, the rain fell and the buckets stayed dry as did the ceiling! Success, then the realization that I needed to go through all my clothes and dry them out too. I have a smallish pile of clothes, oh all right a great big pile of very little used clothes. I bribed my daughter and we spent the best part of ten hours turning out and sorting the mass, I generated four very full bin bags of clothes for the local charity shops (as my daughter had the gall to say "some fat women will be very happy with you mum.") I didn't know had so many clothes. I am will not need to buy any for ages and already have an expanded work wear selection.

I saw this post about web apps and was intrigued and now have some new ones to play with. I tried the IFTTT which seems to be a bit complicated but was actually easy to follow and to make seamless, I hope that this post will appear in my blog post with out me having to add it! Another blog to catch my eye was a short but telling post from Ian Clark about how Cameron says you should check for the best deal online for power! but no allowance for those who have no computers. A nice reply from Ned Potter about how he works, which I tired and found that when I need to get some things done and focus on a good music playlist really helped!

My new job is making me more aware of my own time and things I waste it on, I love some of them so will be keeping them but others are not worth it, in the same idea I saw a note from Brian Solis, pointing out that change happens to you and because of you. I strive to be a good manager, to make working with me and for me as smooth and supported as I can, but as Brian says you must also be aware of your legacy, I would hate to not be remembered or dismissed easily, 'oh her, yes she was okay!' so I must be bolder and may be put my head above the parapet, or make a stand occasionally. Life is hard standing up for your beliefs but ultimately very rewarding.
Smokey standing for what she believes in, which is extra loves!

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