Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Year, New Goals

I have promised to blog more often and failed before so instead I am planning on checking the blogs more often and that should increase my time in the system and may get me blogging anyway...
current goals, short term, more sleep and more knitting done! keeping my desk clear of the worst of the paper work and eating a balanced diet.
medium term, paint and draw more and worry less about work and if I keep/get my job and what is to come on that front, get out more and exercise for fun!
long term, re validate my chartership, reorganise my mess at home and work to new systems that work and can be explained, balance my own darn cheque book with out help!
I know some of these I will not do or do despite myself, and others I will discard as 'can not be bothered' when the going is tough (thougher?) but I hope and if I return often enough I shall remember and do.
I have been inspired by my friends to be more out looking and out going, this is my year of building and moving forwards. If
Sharon can learn to dance I can at least find time to go on the odd walk!

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