Monday, 17 January 2011


I was chatting with Friends and someone suggested I get a light box to cheer me and contract the SAD, I am not sure I have this and that it would work for me and make me less flat in winter but today is one of those lovely winter days when the sky is almost completely clear and the prettiest blue, while the sun is bright and mellow, low but warming in the sun and the wind isn't too harsh in the shadow, a day I would love to be out walking or at the least in the sun, while I work away watching through distant windows over the town or squint as the low sun lines it self up on my machine! but I can't find it in me to complain, or grumble as the sun is welcome and in summer the light never drops that low to get in my library I should enjoy the sun while I can. It is now rising as I go to work and if not late I see it at home too, spring is coming the cold isn't lingering as long and even the last of the snow is melting, mind you poor loch Watten has great sheets of ice across it, never seen it freeze across until this winter and now it wont go...
I shall bask in my glow and enjoy, as rain isn't far away this time of year.

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