Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Leaf or new toy

Well here I am blogging again, and what an odd day, spanner in works in the morning threw the whole day off kilter, lunch was drawn out and the box of new books had a damaged one in it. I am trying to find the glass half full, but may just give up and have a cloud day, you know those days that every silver lining has a great big cloud attached sort of day. Days like this I miss my Dad who always had a half empty glass 'but at least it wasn't broken', his idea was he could be pleasantly surprised when anything went right and not disappointed when it went wrong...
I did wonder if that was too simplistic view but today it seems very attractive. The hassles are only small and easily overcome but seem so much larger somehow, must get more sleep, and maybe a nice walk if the trip home isn't too dark :-) the day is just as cool and bright but oddly not half as appealing as the other day.
Mood affects so much!

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