Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fruit Loops Rule or is that drool?

My daft cat is just too silly, last night she was so wound up she even bounced off her mum, who wasn't having any of it and slapped her down, usually she only bothers her mum when she wants a fight, but last night I don't think she even noticed her until the paws hit her face! she spun so fast at one point she bounced her face of a table leg and later ran head first into a stool! Her birth had been hard and her sister didn't survive, she has a kink in her tail which comes and goes when she is tired and she carries her tail off to one side. My favourite bit is when she gets cold or wet, or best the snow, she dashes into the garden and stops up to her belly in snow, and looks down in shock! bounces a about a bit trying to get out of the white stuff, then dashes in and sulks. best of all she can do this every 2 or 3 hours! as she has forgotten about the cold wet stuff by then :-).Her mum our first cat is still her own sweet self, and they now wear colours in different colours, blue for the baby who is over one now and red for mum who is nearly 3 as a warning, you loose fingers with her! she hasn't mellowed and tolerates her kitten, even now she may settle to clean or be cleaned and sleep for a while with her, but half the time it ends with a cat fight... I hate to think what is would have been like to introduce a cat to her rather than keep a kitten! mind you the only other surviving kitten who is a giant ginger tom went to live with his granny and uncle and aunt and comes round to sit in the garden sometimes.The picture is of the kittens last January very small and cute, the ginger on the outside and smudge the fruit loop inside... if it uploads... Found the problem and It makes me the fruit loop too :-D uploaded this to the wrong blog (Gromit) so will try again.

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