Thursday, 1 November 2012

Changing times that stay the same.

I follow the Scottish Review which is an online paper sent out twice a week about events and happenings that touch and influence Scotland. I read most of it some is fab some is interesting occasionally I don't finish a piece and there is usually one I don't get round to reading. Today's had an interesting piece about life lessons and metaphors which I am sorely tempted to just cut and paste and give as a quote :-).

The winter always gets me feeling reflective, and I lost a very dear friend to Cancer at the start of December in 1988 and since then it is my reflective time for life. The piece quotes this " 'The toughest lesson life teaches is the difference between who you wanted to be and who you actually are. And it can take a whole life to teach it'" which is a very good way to look at life, You are not finished and must strive towards the best you want to be but keep an eye on reality too. whole thing is very interesting.

Work is changing round me and the past rules and expectations are all under review, some things are looking very good but others I have reservations about. So life is normal :-). Next week is full, I have meetings and workshops, travel time and waiting time. I will have covered many miles (one friend said I should fly it would be quicker, which it would) and stayed in various beds, from posh hotel to mates spare bed. But I am looking forward to it all, I do get very set in my own ways and I have found any thing that makes me knee jerk gasp, is usually well worth doing and gives me a wider view of my own world and often leaves me with a more humble view of life.

I wasn't going to blog today as its the start of NaBloPoMo which I am not taking part in and it could make the blog world a very busy old place. But I felt I had to share

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