Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sun basking and 27 days to Christmas

It has got to that time of year, the one when I get up in darkness, go to work in darkness, watch sunrise from my desk. The sun gets to my windows around now (11.30am) and is bright and low in the sky. The sky itself is pale blue almost white and so very sharp and pretty, gradually moving up to a deep blue above us. The sun makes me perk up and smile, I wonder if I am solar powered some days as I get so much done when it shines.

Then by 3pm its getting dark again and by 4pm evening! so I go home in darkness, get tea in darkness and go to bed in darkness... I like warm nights by the fire, I am happy to have my curtains shut and if no one is home at daytime they sometimes stay that way! But I do miss the sun, last month it was low in the sky and in our faces as we drove to work, so bad in spots that people are complaining about certain points in the road becoming black spots due to bright sun.

This is the time of year when we have a roaring fire and chat in the evenings, when we sit surrounded by the cats who find a way to coexist rather than get put out of the main room for fighting (again), I get one or other of the kittens in my lap, Mama cat sits in the back window sill, Silly cat sits on the couch and the other kitten (which ever isn't on me) sleeps against the fire heated radiator or in front of the fire.

I am aware though that we only have a few years at most left before my children leave for University, summer 2014 will mark two of them due to fly, and while I have said I am looking forward to it! Meh I shall cope, and I doubt I shall lose contact with them, may be even more chat than now, but we shall see.

 Winter is a time for going over what you've done and why and what your going to do. The long evening lend themselves to reflection. Few distractions, time to plan and sort, but little impetus to get up and do anything means lots of thinking time. Great summer plans of knitting things has faded to 'when I get round to it', working in the shed has no appeal in minus temperatures. Even if it is the only clear space to get out the sewing machine and to cut patterns.

I am ahead on presents and a few to get left and behind on cards, now where did I put my address book! I like to have them to send on the 1st of December, well hope for the 3rd of 4th at this rate and then, ackk too soon. The sun is so bright and pretty, its not worth worrying about cards now...

I know I enjoy summer with its sun all day and night long, but some primeval part of me that curls up with the cats in front of the fire, and basks in the winter sunshine is fulfilled. The bell has rung, back to work, Sun basking must end.

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