Friday, 16 November 2012

Not What I planned for life

My next post was to be details for the Portfolio building course I went on last week. I so enjoyed it and have some stuff ready for it, but it was not to be what I planned.
Monday early brought an email with issues I have spent time out of work on, time on the phone and the odd sleepless night over. I love my job and I love helping others, I am glad to say I now have things in place to deal with the issues. It has taken me the bulk of the week to get my head round it, get every one Else's head round it and have things in place to get it sorted.
The returns are patiently waiting a clear 10 minutes to file away and my poor portfolio stuff is unfinished in the bag I took away with me. I am listening to the Children in Need Concert (due to being above the main hall!) and finishing the basic must get done every week chores. Lots of things got left aside while I sorted what could have been a big problem, and now I must pick them all up and finish them off too.
I grew up with a cartoon series which used to say 'Love is...' and then twee sayings like 'bringing fresh flowers' or 'doing the dishes' or my fave from then 'putting down the Loo Seat' This was followed by a similar one of 'Life is ...' which were less twee but also less sweet, the best one of these was 'Live is what happens while your planning everything else.'
That is my thought for the day, I had such high hope for plans this week and none of them (just about) got done. I went to a meeting that ended up cancelled because only two of us turned up (and it was her room) but it allowed me to finish time sensitive stuff I would have had to stay late to do otherwise.
So while you could look at my week and judge it not a success, I did get problems organised, issues sorted, and my head round some new ideas. Oh and listen to many rehearsals and then 3 complete versions of the Children in Need Concert. The 'old' spice girls were fun (all staff), and the own clothes day has been a success. They raised nearly £300 just on the Gunk a teacher bit! Sadly they Dunked a friend and her husband had set her up! He bribed his classes that the more she got the more cakes and biscuits he brought in for them! She wasn't pleased :-) I laughed.
Next post should be summary of the course, next stop weekend!

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