Friday, 1 February 2013

Clean and clear!

February has arrived with a clean and clear day, blue sky and clear roads. The snow that threatened never fell, the leaves from winter have been blown away, the sun is crisp and chilly.
The end of the month was full of tasks and things that had to be done, I have been very busy all week and just as I thought I had my head above water yesterday I got given a load of books and then had to open my mouth and volunteer at a meeting! so I am still busy and will be for a few more days at least!
I moan but I like busy, it better than not busy! and I learn so much about the world and myself! I also find my days are full and challenging, but just sometimes I wish for my lazy, idle days of the past when I could get away with not 'doing' anything for a week, just the odd book away or checking the catalogue. I know those were wasted days but just sometimes...

I have decided after avoiding committing myself to any January ideas that I would join the 'readarama' by Penguin, a book a week sounds doable, esp as I have some fab ones waiting for time (ha as if) This may be what I need to get the wonderful but as yet unread books in my Kindle finished (still haven't read overcoming procrastination, oddly its hard to get round to it)

I am enjoying Savage Chickens! which is a cartoon done on post it notes! and it celebrated its 8th year earlier this week! I particularly liked this one from a school point of view!
I also have another blog to recommend, this is one of my fave places to get ideas for what book to buy for the kids, it is daily and always has why and more info! Books YA Love covers all sorts from supernatural to historical etc I just wish my budget allowed me to get each book as it would save me a lot of hassle :-).
I know this weeks blog is late but I spent most of last week in bed ill so have been running to catch up to myself, and now have made more work for myself! never mind I do enjoy it, now I am off to work and in my lunch break I shall read Margery Allingham's More work for the Undertaker.


  1. Thanks for the blog-love! On BooksYALove, I post recommendations of young adult books beyond the bestsellers about 3 times a week, more often if wrassled into a daily blog challenge like AtoZ in April ( or the one that started me blogging in the first place, WordCount's Blogathon in May (2012 info here:

    One solution for the no-money-for-books dilemma - ask your local public library!

  2. Love your blog, thanks for sharing & I am looking forward to your future posts!! :)

  3. Your Welcome Cindee, I try to write what I would want to read, while making it worth reading anyway :-)