Monday, 25 February 2013

Warming Up Time

The weekend was sunny and the weather has been warming up (being in the UK I'm sure it won't last) only minus 2 this morning when my poor car had to be defrosted! My new car (still counted in weeks of age) was washed yesterday and I found chips in the body work already! I won't let this one go the same way the last one did, so polished them with wax cut and will be getting a touch up pen for the colour asap. I got some garden jobs done and was helping run a wonderful UFO day on Saturday.

Now don't misunderstand me UFO's have nothing to do with aliens or outer space, it was an Un-Finished Objects day. The idea is you bring some craft you need time, help or just peace to do and get it finished while sat in a nice hall with under floor heating and surrounded by history displays and good company. Coffee on tap, fruit and salad to nibble, space to make a mess or just to sit and read. One lady sewed up a set of curtains that at home she wouldn't have space for, another started blocking out a quilt for her grandson. I manage  to get 4 jobs finished that had been ongoing, I wound some fab wool from ripples crafts, I got to use a swift and a ball winder for the first time and both worked well and so quick! I finished some squares for a blanket and sorted out some felting, but I didn't start wet felting with only an hour to go so just finished by knitting my scarf that is on very fine needles and in lace weight from the yarn yard.

Work has been equally busy, never any time to stop and reflect! I am starting a new book with the hope that I can get my world in one place (even if it limited by time) and get things sorted! I have organised a chartership event to happen in Inverness on April the 3rd at 10 am at the Centre for Health Sciences, Micheal Martin is coming up from London and many others too. This has not happened in Inverness before to my knowledge and I do hope it goes well, I keep swinging between 'we won't have enough space' to 'will any one come?'

I am Enjoying a new blog this week from wordpress through a website called Northern Editorial by a very talented lady up here in the far north. I like promoting good things and while I have many friends I wouldn't promote them just because. I like to think my blog posts have things in that may make you go and have a look and may add to your own pool of knowledge and this blog has few posts yet but each one has made me follow links and find out more.

I am also having a book of the week post, I haven't finished it so can't put it in my 'readarama' (which is a bit behind I will try to get two up next week) and is very library orientated, but oh so much fun so far. It is from The Wikiman who is Ned Potter, and is The Library Marketing Toolkit. It is a neat size and fits in my handbag (yes I have a decent sized handbag!) for when I get a few minutes to read a bit more. The language is clear and he doesn't make you have to work out what he's saying, just what he wants you to know. I am currently dipping in and out but at Easter I shall sit down and see how much I can use and what I can share ideas about further a field. But I would highly recommend it and if your a Cilip member you get £10 off (Which I missed :-( sadly, due to not doing all my home work!) There is also more about the book on the website linked to The Wikiman.

Last week was an amazing week for my blog, viewing numbers were very high which was very strange. I did check back and found my blog had been promoted by German website blog called Super Affiliate Handbuch which made for some wonderful figures, so thank you very much :-) I got 182 hits for the week, when I usually get around 130 hits a month on average. All in all a very interesting week last week.

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