Monday, 29 April 2013

Diet Time

The exam diet is starting and the school has fallen into a strange tense quiet. The 6th years are all heads down and worrying as they have days to study leave, the 4th year are all in today for English  and even the younger years are holding their breath. Long may it last, much work can be done and things finished in this calm. Sadly it feels like the eye of the storm and normal chaos will be resumed soon.

I was reliably informed my extra post last week was a bit whiny, for that I apologise, I try to make my post interesting with out being too long, and not to personal, I am me and that will always show through my writing, but I try to focus on the positive and good things. In that vein I am getting on with my activity log, only a few things from 3 years ago are unforgotten! one meeting so far I have listed but no idea why or what we did! Most are clear and I can remember enough details to show what I learnt and what I have used. I did end up adding a criteria column to help me organise them later. Most so far cover the first and second criteria and some third but only a few get to the 4th and the wider professional context which is one reason for listing it that way. I have post it notes round my screen at work but was doing some form home this weekend and realised as I went to check the wordings I need to do the same at home. Thought that I would be able to remember them but the notes are so much better! I highly recommend any one doing a portfolio to try this if possible.

The blog I am enjoying the most this week is Man Man Knitting which is the ongoing blog about a man who got himself sorted out and back on an even keel by creating and knitting bears! nice soft cuddly bears, which are made to order and ship world wide! His story and his thoughts are a really good read, a few weeks back he was over hearing someone complain about the area he lived in and thought to himself, 'if you don't like it move!' later he was sat at home and realised he didn't like how he was living so took his own advice and moved. Not an easy option, not a light choice but one I can but respect. I have a view of life that runs; if you don't like a thing, you look and see if you can change it then do, if you can't then don't let it worry you. What I can do things about I will, I won't moan and procrastinate ( I still have a book called 'Overcoming Procrastination' in my kindle that I have never even opened) but do what I can.

Only nine weeks to the Umbrella Conference and I am already counting down the days, I am wishing I could go to more and more often, we shall see what comes from this summer visits. the lists of the talks already has me swithering, wishing I could be in two places or more at once. :-)

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