Monday, 22 April 2013

Stormy Monday

Just noticed a tweet with a picture of some primulas and the tag line 'calm before the Monday storm'. Which oddly sums up both my to do lists and my emails, I have quite a lot on my plate for today so doubt this will be a long post :-) but to start with a smile.
This can be so true! thankfully not much in my present job but on the past! I spent some time on a telephony help desk, nothing I do now matches the intensity and pressure, the fear or hoop jumping of that post, makes me smile to hear colleagues at school complain of work and pressure, it doesn't match that, in my opinion.

This is the last Monday with all the school in until August, study leave starts this week, and I notice even less are ready this year than previous years. That isn't a criticism of the school but a comment on the children. I have had several discussions this last week about responsibility, and values. The pupils just don't realise that the help they get at school is carrying them to an extent, they get help and direction and they expect it, even moan if they are asked to do more! They are not 'work ready' I find myself waiting to meet them after they have been out in the world and have grown up. There is a sense of owed or carried in the youth and that includes my own, I have worked hard to show them what life is about, they are not hidden from reality, from the tough facts. When my husband lost his job and then found a new one and the changes that brought would not have been practical with out their help. I see my own job with my children as being one of nurture with an eye on making three useful members of society, responsible and good to know. I worry about my pupils and the world they are really going into, some will have nasty wake up calls.

My fave blog at the moment is The History Girls its full of interesting facts and stories and while some times its a bit 'and here's my books about it' it means I get a chance to find out more. Also I have been reading Books Young Adults Love who are doing a wonderful alphabet of books to recommend! 

The heavens have opened, the rain is falling in sheets and I havent brought all in out of my car yet! serves me right for getting caught up in work! But now I must go and do more during the Monday Storms.

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  1. I know people who would (almost) plan a meeting for the day before, indeed (they're scary!).
    I see your lil' "bunnies" are just like mine (and that's scary, too).
    I hope Mad Monday wasn't too nasty on your side... *hugs*