Sunday, 14 April 2013

Headlong into summer

We have got to that time of year that every school has, that time when we know half the school will be off studying soon and all the things we put to one side to do during study leave suddenly seem important! The time scales short and the deadlines close, and worst of all every year we forget that we don't get that much time extra in study leave and have way too much to do in it! Every year I watch the teaching staff do this and point out it isn't going to happen that way, get ignored and then get a laugh when it doesn't happen as planned.

School has 2 weeks to the first exams and 4th years out, then 2 more to the rest of the 5th and 6th years out, Study leave runs until end of May, then somewhere in May the timetable changes, the New first years are in, in early June, then its summer holidays, so I tend to think of this time as the start of the long mad slide to summer holidays! I have so much to do for the school year change and much to do for the public library and summer activities too! but that is under some sort of order and no I am not waiting for more time during study leave to do it :-).

Spent the weekend going over what I have in my diaries for the last 3 years for my revalidation support, I am a dreadful person for stationary, so with some pretty post it note tags I started going through older school diaries back before I kept a personal one. Started to run out of tags around Jan 2012, managed to get to March 2013 before they all ran out, that does bode well for finding enough evidence and once I have pulled them out and written the ones I want up I should have a solid log of ongoing CPD. Didn't realise just how much I do, and go to until I ran out of tags, every week I go or contact somewhere, I haven't been logging web chats but must start them too, both typed and camera! they also class as informal meetings and need to be collated.

Had a lovely time yesterday at an informal knitting group that meets 10 am every Saturday at a local tearoom, and yesterday I took pics in the sunshine of the owner and friend of mine Ros, with her feet up, out side her place.
She only opened the Cups Tearoom in Scrabtser last May and is coming up to her first anniversary, the place is never empty and the food always good! I love choosing off the specials board as the food is always fresh and tasty  if you ever get to the far north, on your way to Orkney or just come visiting, please drop in on Ros and her lovely group of girls who wait on you with smiles.

I am also very taken by a blogger and twitter guy that I have been following for a while now, Ian has a certain turn of phrase and way of writing that I enjoy, even if I don't agree with his view or his solution I can see why he feels that way and can follow his logic. He also put up a nice and well balanced piece on the whole Thatcher fuss.

I'm afraid I must comment here, I promised I wouldn't talk about the passing of Baroness Thatcher but the recent rather strange situation in the British media has left me rather puzzled by the eruptions of such strong feelings, the choices made by the media, and the word choices being thrown round by seemly sensible sober groups. I am of an age to be a Thatcher child, I have no understanding of what was before past the bins un-emptied and the inflation that even hit my in primary school brain. I was of an age to vote before she left office and know the view was very much, who else could you vote for, there wasn't a credible opposition. I read the current writing very puzzled  I know she wasn't a god, but nor was she the devil. She did great things, some great and good, some great and terrible, but when did we live in world where we couldn't allow people to moan and groan, when did the media spokes people tell the public what not to say! Half the current issues seem to be that we have been told we must morn, or be quiet? Why, even when we lost Princess Diana the public had its own way to make itself known. Are commentators too scared? is the truth to be the last thing taken by the Thatcher Government?  
Sorry didn't mean to rant, but it is so all encompassing from the media and social media, People un-friending, un-following, I can understand not following someone who ideals is so far from your own, but to unfollow due to the current theme seems small and petty. A lot is said about the 'Me' generation, the selfish 80's she 'created', well here I am, one of the selfish 80's kids, but I feel we are too quick to apply tags and labels, (myself included at times) and not realise the full context. I may get some people un-following me as I haven't condemned her, or sung her praises, but it just seems to be media for the sake of media. I am now waiting to see if the Levinson enquiry gets dragged in to it all and some one says this is why the papers need more limits while some one else says this is why they need less, or left to do for themselves!  More media of any flavour just seems to make us all feel our point of view is valid, the louder you can shout the more you should be listened too.

That's my thoughts for now, and I am whispering them, and you don't have to agree or even get to the end :-), your view is as valid as mine. Back to working on my revalidation paperwork and may be even bother to get dressed, nah the rain is falling, no one is due, my PJ's suit my mood!

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