Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring time at last.

The sun is shining and the day has been warm, the snow is rare (but not yet gone) and the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. Just wish the night time temperatures would get above zero. The sky is blue and the sun warm, just taken some shots of the sunshine and the cats!
They are from the right Splodge (named by kids) who is mum, far left is smudge (also named by kids) and the oldest kitten we kept, and then nearest is smokey (who was grey at birth) and then midnight (who was black at birth) all out in the sun on my path.

I am sorting out my paper work for revalidation, I have toyed with doing it before and after the wonderful talk from the speakers last week, and the idea that it will help me help my mentees, I am doing it myself.
I have been keeping evidence for years, I need to make some of it in the right format and then winnow it to a decent selection showing my own ongoing CPD and I am ready! Yeah yeah It will be much harder than this, I have just spoken to another mentor and she was asking why I am not going for Fellowship! Ack I shall revalidate first then see what more I need to do. I have my tickets for the Umbrella 2013 paid for, I have my room booked and my transport sorted! Being so far from the metropolis I do a lot of my CPD online, I have to find the list of them and evaluate them! I realise I can also put in other things I do things for my wider world. Organising craft events, going to craft fayres etc and running craft groups at school. All skills that apply in work and out. I am currently full of ideas and energy for it, I shall keep mentioning it ongoing, and even when it has stalled.

I am thrilled to hear that Phil Bradley is writing a new book about internet usage! a few months left but I can't wait. wonder if it will be out for Umbrella! Also I ordered a second copy of the Portfolio handbook from Facet (see, you did sell one Michael) as I have lent my last copy and can't remember who to! I figure another copy will not be a problem.
I have also bitten the bullet and have made myself a portfolio creator, I figure it is being used in UHI and being recommended by Cilip and others I need to know how it works, I am a be fan of Brian Solis and his latest book is WTF of Business, and he is discussing digital Darwinism.The idea that our own future is very much in our own hands is scary and empowering. I 'woke up' to this nearly 3 years ago, and while it took me a little while to pick up what I needed to do and I have only realised this spring that it is ongoing and  unless I am giving up work I need to keep going. I am firm supporter of self driven CPD. I need to learn and change, adapt or give up are the only choices for us, I wish I could stand and shout it at colleagues, our history in Public libraries and local government has left us feeling owed or safe in our jobs. I came from a mixed back ground, some work was contract, some weekly and some even day by day. My mum ran her own company and I saw life from the top as well as the bottom. I understand that as a business we need to be the best we can, Our Head of Company came round last month and his message was 'good enough is not acceptable, we have to strive for best practice'. This is true in my work and in my own CPD, none of this is getting my report finished now though.

On a final note I had a fun day out at the craft fair, we didn't sell much but it was its first event and I hope I may go to the next one! but as promised I took a picture of the whole stall and my stuff on it :-).
a very mixed lay out but we had fun, sadly the table to the right of this picture was covered in cakes! tasted lovely from Grandma's cakes!!! so I spent more than I took!

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