Friday, 24 May 2013

Moving Vicariously

I am helping various friends move over the next few months with the first being very soon. There are statistics that say getting married and moving are the two most stressful times in your life. My wedding was fine, I had what I wanted and it all ran with out a hitch! when I came up here, if you count being a student as one move, then this was my third move ever, once as a baby to Devon, once as a student then up here to Scotland. I know by watching that it can be frustrating, hard work and stress filled  but I have never really ever had to up and move, even now my mum moans about the boxes still in her house from when I packed for Uni. I found a box of primary books I had kept the other day! and oddly all my maths A level stuff? I watch the hoarder programmes saying 'I'm not that bad' and muttering 'yet' or 'just' under my breath :-) so being part of someone else s move is very strange, and not just because it isn't only one move.

I am at am impasse on my revalidation, I could get done for the summer end and in the old/current system, it can be done with out stress (much) and I would be happy, but part of my doing it is so I have a better understanding of it, and can help better with my mentees, so quandary is do I wait and learn the new one so I get it right to help for future? I am not really doing it for the bit of paper! I like being part of my own CPD and being proactive and keen about my profession, so I can do it for the current system? I think I may aim for that and then at the Umbrella find out more and decide then if I can transfer it easily or need another load of time! how long will they accept older versions and other info will make a difference.

The weather this week has been very messy, sleet and snow since Wednesday and now we have bright sunshine and blue sky showing! I hope that holds for tomorrow as I am going on the Robert Dick Walk as part of the Caithness and Sutherland Walking Festival, I know it has been done before but I usually miss this and I am going to enjoy it tomorrow, also have an invite to a coffee morning so will have a nice tea after my walk. I will take my Camera and hope to get some great shots of Thurso and the river as we walk.

I did get some pretty shots of my kittens in the sun this week.
  Midnight seems to be asking 'What you are doing?' while Smokey is just asking to be loved, which is her normal state of affairs.
Roll on summer or maybe that should be roll on the warm rain!

I am following a new blog this week, I found it through another blog I follow called called Home in the Highlands by a Chicagoite in the far north. It is by a Lawyer based in Chicago, with a wonderful turn of phrase and a nicely jaded look at the world. Not a CPD ideas guy but a nice droll view of his reality. We need smiles as well as inspiration in each and every day! And in support of that I can highly recommend the Unshelved comic strip which isn't big or flashy but manages to make me smile every visit.

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