Monday, 13 May 2013

Summer Daze

I have spent the last few days in a bit of a daze, I was asked on Friday if I would like to go to the Cilips (Cilip Scotland) Annual Conference in Dundee as the sponsored person for our area, Which would be a sponsored place for the whole two days and cover for my own desk. I was so surprised I didn't think to say yes straight away but did as soon as I realised what I had been asked. I then spent a little while looking into where and how far and still have to decide how I am getting there and back, but until I get confirmation and details I am being calm (who am I kidding, I am still wondering round in shock).

Some of the details look so much fun, can't wait to hear from Annie Mauger, and the Scottish Book Trust and the former director general from Denmark and ... well you get the idea. Not sure if I need a dress for the evening dinner? and my work on my desk has got very boring suddenly! :-) My to do list has meant that most things get done in a timely fashion, my biggest problem now is getting my non work stuff sorted out. I have several knitted squares to do and a crochet shawl in progress that needs done this month, and projects either started or ready to start! My mind is everywhere today!

My blog this week may be one I have shared before but he has a competition up that looks good :-) so forgive me if you have seen this but I love Michael Logan's blog One Monkey With A Typewriter and I love his book Apocalypse Cow! which is funny but says things about how we live our lives too. In the same vein I am following this group at the moment which is making my world very zombiefied! The Midsummer Night's Scream! which is organising a weekend of zombie and horror themed events in the far north, the sun doesn't really go that night so as long as the clouds are not too think it wont get dark. The trailer is up on Youtube too :-)

I also found out about Target Who last week, the idea is a group of fans who are giving books to schools to help with literature and reading, I feel a bit slow as it has been going for a while and as a school librarian you just have to ask and they send you books for free! but their website is full of info the latest being a happy birthday to Terence Dicks who is one of the most prolific children's writers out there but also the most over looked and under appreciated.

This week also marks the first week for nearly 2 years that we have had our boat in the water! One night last week me and the children went down and scrubbed the thing clean of the stoor from being sat on the side so long! took the five of us over an hour to just do the decks! But it takes us closer to a nice summer sailing time! roll on time to go! And I must find my Camera to takes pictures.

Last year my daughter asked for professional photos for her birthday, this is one of them and the one we keep saying they need to start a band to use as the album cover! 
She choose this and the various venues and between her and the photographer they had a wonderful time. My father took all our pictures as a kid, and every one else s as he was the local photographer for our village to many. So this was the first time I had 'proper' pictures done, and I can recommend it, Julie Fraser was very professional and very relaxed.

I have been asked to participate in the Staff focus spot in the local paper! so just choosing my favorite films, holidays and how I would describe my pupils! in three words! which gave me a chance to smile, I chose fun, challenging, and loud! which is so true. I will put the whole thing up here when the paper has published it, that or the link to the papers article :-).

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