Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What will I wear!

I was chatting about Dundee and explaining what a great thing it was and how much I am torn between pleased and abject terror when they cut through all the chat to get to the important part. What am I going to wear... I do have plans and most had ideas and suggestions, some of which are fab and some a bit far from my normal, but I shall see and try!!

Didn't feel well all weekend but came to work Monday only to end up going home ill. Slept most of Monday and now I have two days work to do in one :-). I have a meeting tomorrow so need to do tomorrows work early too, hmm I am seeing an issue here. I will need to prioritise and choose my actions! I was reading a great blog post about that, not aimed at libraries but making a good bit of sense. I was introduced by an editor friend to the blog An American Editor which is full of interesting ideas and views my fave was the commandments which included 'you must be efficient' which was very interesting and true for all, its fine to do a thing but we must try to do it the most efficient way with out losing service. which harks back to my ideas of value, and trying to make sure we have a value or are valued by the general public as well as our management.

Getting closer to the Dundee Conference, I hope to take a note pad to keep contact, even if its just daily updates, but they offer free wi-fi so may be able to tweet live and blog, but to be effective I shall have to blog after and be properly reflective.

Spring is trying to make it way up here saw blossom on the trees last night so took a shot to share the cherry blossom. The shells are full of seed to stop the cats from getting the birds when they feed. The sky is sadly over cast again and grey, the warm weather brings mists and fogs up to us. This can be annoying as its the warmest weather so far but no sun!

I was asked to take some shots of the event and have been wandering the school taking pictures but with my own camera in my pocket and when I got to the highest rooms I realised you could see for miles and that will be my possible view from the library, so got out my camera and took a shot.
That hopefully will be the view, but more to the left, from my new office! Down the valley and looking north and west! Will need curtains to stop me spending half my time gazing into space.

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