Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sleeping in the Garden

Yesterday I fell asleep in my garden on a hammock with one cat on my hair and one on my hip, I dropped off in blue skies and sunshine and sadly got woken by the cold under grey skies and wind! Mind you the cats had snuggled in more so some of me was warm! I hadn't planned on this, my washing is still waiting for me to get to it, my desk didn't get moved even to dust this weekend and my kitchen still needs food adding! By next weekend I will be on my way to Dundee! I got my confirmation through and can't wait, I have a room booked Sunday night to mean I get to the event calm and well rested by Monday morning! watch out for my tweets from #CILIPS13 as we have WiFi on hand and I will be taking a laptop.

I hope to blog from the event and will be mentioning lots of things I see and do and think from the conference. I have also decided to get my paperwork done for the revalidation as I am pushing my mentees to do this now. and will send it in, that way I know how and what to change for them the best I can. This will be my first social media event that I am taking part in. The increase in media and communication has been good for work, we now have webcam's and chat boxes, for work stuff, but as we are so widely spread, it is valuable. I am the only person of my full grade in the county! next one is an hour or more away! Often the one I want to chat to is hundreds of miles away, so while phones good, email great, web cam very much a tool!

The links back to Orkney are sorted, and this means that I am again looking at the library blogs for events to see and do and the local folk festival looks good! In the winter they have a knitting blog here and in summer a to do blog so I get the best of both worlds!

Just reading about the Blogathon which is a challenge to blog every day for a month and this years is June! I enjoy my blog, I know its more than once a week average but that I my aim, once a week. I wont be joining the people who are going for a blog a day, I know some I follow will be :-) but they can do I shall just read. If you need that push to get you blogging or the excuse to give it a try then have a go, my push came form CPD23 which asked for a blog a week, and gave you things to blog about. I enjoyed doing them and may do them again next year with a group of highland librarians, I will sound my boss out about that :-).

I have started using my Blipfoto again and have been posting everyday there, I don't get a picture up every day but take one every day to put up. Last night I wandered the old town and harbour of Thurso and ended up with a picture of The old Kirk, a medieval kirk now unused, this morning the news on the radio was about the old kirk and how they are tiding it up etc. It was hit by vandals earlier this year which is sad, and I saw a petition this weekend to get it reopened to the public again.

This has taken two days to write! so forgive the delay, work is strangely fits and starts, school is still half empty with exams still going, I either see no one or an inundated, last week being the off timetable Curriculum for Excellence week I had kids in and out two days and was a ghost library for two days! only normal for a day.

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  1. I hope you'll have fun in Dundee! :)

    It's "whoa" that your garden was so nice the other day (the weather in town is barmy & awful). I bet the kitties kept you warm!

    It's so sad that the old kirk was vandalized. :(

    That Blog-thingy you mentioned looks interesting... ;)