Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Kitten or Some Beer, which would you choose.

I was checking blog posts today and came across this wonderful post about Kittens or Beer, and how you accept both as free gifts but each has to be looked at differently. I love the idea of looking at gift horses in the mouth, which of course you should never do. It looks at the art of accepting (or not) donations, and how the future costs should be checked when being offered 'free' things. I won't redo it here but I am looking at my kittens with a jaundiced look! :-)

Yesterday was the AGM for Cilip but I haven't heard any results yet, so I can't comment or otherwise on it, but I can note that the Cilips North branch is holding a meeting on Tuesday at the UHI in Inverness at 6pm with Virtual links available, all Cilip folks welcome. I am also looking at changes at work which I have no idea what is going to happen in the end so again nothing to say yet...

Another blog I love is the History Girls, which is done by history writers mainly in the YA genre and is a wide collection from snapshots into research to thoughts on the past and even appeals for help. The latter caught my eye and I wanted to share it here. It looks at remembrance and how pre-1914 doesn't seem to exist, but one thing we learn from history is those who ignore it are doomed to repeat it.

I also saw this article which is a discussion on Syria and the Sarin gas attack. Not sure what is true from the media these days and so much is spun to suit the writer, owner, political masters or even from its sources. We are no longer invited to read and make our own mind up, now we must believe and feel what we are told! Sorry I don't do what I am told because! I need to know its reasons, its aims, the whys and wherefores. Old fashioned I know but I sleep better like that.

On  lighter note I have been playing, I have been messing about with hair dyes and daughter and I have tinted the ends of my very white hair a bright green, due to how porous my hair is and how the colour goes,  the dye lasts less than a week! but its fun to have and I may just do it for permanent!
And just because I can a kitten picture or two, as I seem to fall for them and never seem to learn! Smokey wobbling and poor Midnight being angry squid for the kids!

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