Monday, 9 September 2013

That time of year again!

And so that time of year creeps round again. The weather has been fine, and the sun shining as if it knows if it misses a day there are not many left. The temperature has been cold and last week saw the first almost frost, by the time I got up the dew was dew again and the whole world was covered in a fine gauze of moisture. The wind has been kind and we haven't had anymore of the leaf stripping gusts that blew a few weeks ago.

My mind is turning to Christmas and gifts and plans for cards and who and where. The birthdays are upon us, by the end of October two of my three will have had birthdays and my Nephew! Some of my best friends also are due soon or just gone and the one I like and hate has past! We don't do lots for Birthdays as when the kids were small we didn't have much money and while we have a tradition of a take out of meal for the birthday person this doesn't include many just family. We tend to get a single decent gift for a person, but not too big as kids do make comparisons! I got some wool, and a meal at the local hotel, which was lovely.

On Sunday I decided to make a cake, then found that all my eggs had been eaten! While I can make egg free cakes I didn't fancy the mess and hassle so muttered to my bread maker where upon I decided to make bread, this was brought to a swift halt by the lack of the beater in the bread machine. I hunted high and low and couldn't find the missing item, no bread for me. I was in and out of the kitchen as I was doing washing (how can 5 people generate so much washing in a few days I have no idea as I cleared it on Wednesday) I even got a load of towels out on the line and dried even if the day was chilly.

The knitting group I am in do a Christmas gift share system where we all make a one ball item and wrap it up and then choose one not ours from the pile. I have had some lovely things I wouldn't have done or got for myself in the past! this year I am ahead (just) and have started a lace work project for the gift and as someone pointed out no one knows who will get it so it doesn't matter who sees it being done. I used a ball of hand dyed wool from RipplesCrafts and found a pattern in a magazine I have never bought before, but it had a favorite designer on the front, called FuzzyMitten who designs easy to make kids toys that are just so sweet and soft and fun to make up. So new style, new magazine and hopefully new resolution to finish it on time!!!!

I have been playing in my one of my favorite places in the internet, Ravelry, if you knit or crochet, this is the place to be. This is a screen shot of the start of my library shelves, with lots of ongoing ideas as well as things I have made already. If I get no more ideas I will not run out of these until after I am due to retire!

I must also mention the Fab Target Who group who are getting books into schools, and I had the pleasure to be able to help this summer. We drove down to Devon and stop with family and when we came back I made a brief detour and collected the books for the highland region and the one set for Orkney which I recon I could pop on the ferry. Husband then took it as a personal challenge and he sailed over to Orkney with the books to hand deliver to the School in Stromness, luckily where he had berthed! and walked them over. He didn't get a decent school shot :-( but he had some fab film of sailing back past the old man of Hoy. The Target Who did a blog about the various Scottish schools and we got a mention, and some of my pics also got put up. My problem was I could deliver them as my school was shut but this meant that other schools also shut. So no kids, few staff and lots of Janitors :-) I will be taking a shot of mine when they are done, which will be soon!

I am up to my eyes in an online course from the US for libraries so that is taking a lot of my time up! But the change in view point is taking me a while to get my head round, and can only be of benefit to me in the end. Now I must go open a new dialog with my customers...

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