Monday, 2 September 2013

And here come the back to school sniffles

No matter what you do by the end of second week back you start getting the bugs running riot, I went home on Friday sniffing and generally feeling pants! Spent the weekend wrapped in warm clothes doing little and napping often and I am back at work for Monday, sponsored by painkillers and supported by hot lemon drinks and multivitamin tablets. There are a few staff gaps today and more who are feeling rough. It always seems strange to me that kids get ill and parents send them in regardless, but staff ill is not good and if they don't come in they still have to make work for classes and are expected to do things. Too many staff out has seen the school in danger of not opening, or sending classes home. I will be getting my flu jab soon.

In the wonderful world of Libraries we have the build up to the AGM and the more local build up to The North Branch of CILIPS looking to start up again. Also I note that today they are looking for Nominees to serve on their Scottish committees, which would be really tempting if I didn't have a lot on my plate this year, next year I will be considering it   :-) may be even do some ground work now. The Autumn Gathering is during the school holidays and I would love to go, but work hasn't happened for my other half yet this school year so finances are tight. Ho hum another year I hope, I have been very very lucky this year with both the Dundee Cilip Scotland conference as a sponsored place and Umbrella booked well ahead keeping costs very low.

I am up to my eyes in the mop up work from the Library introduction. Lots of new cards to make and old cards to remake, children to find in the system or to get info from them if they are not in the system. We had a member of staff leave and they are much missed already, but it makes you look at your own job and work load and world, and I do need prodding now and then to appreciate what I have. The new intake have been a lovely group, best full year group in years and I can't wait to do more with them, roll on the Write Path in October, and roll out the Scottish children's book awards already :-) and maybe I shall get other plans done, now all I need is time and health!.

I saw this today and am in awe, I love Ned Potter's work and have mentioned him here before but this is a masterful work. I plan to share this prezi with all my English teachers and the management too! and maybe get it spread further afield.

Quick snap of Dunnet head and Orkney beyond it, the weather turning more Autumnal and the green being gradually replaced with the brown. Now I just have to get through my day and go home for an early nap! sniff.

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