Sunday, 15 September 2013

Equinox and changes

The local area has been a bit blowy and down to zero! The equinox brings us storms and darker nights, the temperature drops and winter appears on the horizons. Of course the coldest windiest night is the one my midnight kitten decided to not come home for tea (again) making me wander round in the cold with a torch calling for her! Most of my neighbours no longer react when I wander past their house at night calling for midnight, or if they are out they smile and nod as both of us know she will turn up in her own time.

There is an advert of a man desperately looking for his cat in the rain, which is for selling cars I think, but the punchline is the man getting home soaked and miserable and the cat is sat in one of his cupboards with what looks like a smirk. I live in fear of wandering one night for hours only to find her watching me from the house!

I finally worked out the 'How to proxy Vote' for the Cilip AGM and made a great new connection through Twitter of a new friend who is going and has my vote there. If you are not going and need to Proxy vote do it as soon as possible! the closing date to get to them is the 19th September!
I used to feel very isolated in the Far north of Scotland but as social media and internet becomes more all encompassing the links to others becomes easier and the chance to be part of live discussion and participate in relevant and cutting edge debate and changes as they happen are amazing. Last week I had ordered the Man Booker short list through the catalogue before they announced it on BBC,  also managed to get some work by an author visiting the school new week which should be up on Tuesday!

I have an eclectic mix of places I get information from and people I chat with so sometimes find odd things that make me think or make me rant! I adore the blog by A Girl Called Jack and love new things from cherry heart, this though was a new blog based in america which caught my interest, the post made me laugh out loud, and the comments were most strange! Wait but Why is thinking about why we have unhappy people who have over inflated expectations, My friend mentioned it to claim his GYPSY status. Oddly even though he was at school with me I didn't find it meant me, as my grandparents were Victorians, my parents both just missed the war as they both hit 18 after it ended, but had that mind set and brought me up to accept what I had and not to expect what was unrealistic. I was always out of step in Thatchers Britain as a teenager, and fitted better with the 'adults' at uni than the drink every night/all night youngsters, so I find this very funny not me but sadly true.

The latest Knitting retreat has happened again and, like before, has happened without me :-( I wish I could wave a magic wand and get time off and funds to pay for it, I plan one day getting to this wonderful event, I hope it stays running for me :-) And if you wander to the shop you can see the one site that draws in me in and makes wish I could just click Buy on so much! I am setting myself a finishing challenge, I have things I want to start but not until I finish some others, I did manage to finish a scarf this evening and have hopes for more soon. Well I must go and fuss over my Midnight kitten.

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  1. Thank you for the mention :) It would have been lovely to have you along too. It was a fab week, and one we hope to repeat next year, although it may not be on Tanera Mor. I think more talking than knitting was done, but maybe that isn't such a bad thing.