Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Head back to front

I have had a rough few days, I am not sure if the sad death of Kevin finally hit or the new job moved too fats or if lack of sleep hit, what ever it was I didn't get more than 6 hours of broken sleep form Thursday until Tuesday evening, and last night I spent a few hours trying to sort out my world. I took up my reflective journal and wrote screeds, I replaced my lost Kindle after reporting it to the Police as I lost it in Town! Husband recons it will get sticky one day and I shall put down the new one and find both together when I pick it up! took time to sort that out and get my books back and running again!
Hospital appointment went well, and consultant was happy. Funeral had gone well and Husband was able to tell me who all had gone. Had a nice supper and online play and an early ish bed, asleep by midnight! so when I woke at 7.30 after a good rest I don't know which of my things helped but I shall keep it up!
Stress filled am as I had my first lib skills with new 1st year and not all was in place! but it ran okay I just have to iron out the bumps! next is tomorrow! Just checked the book and I cant get to the roadshow and get the library skills done! I shall see if I can get to another one. So I must go and do work.
Roll on UFO day this Saturday, I need to peace!

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