Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Thing 13

Well I am finally following my lists again and find a note to self to do thing 13 :-) which I have done last week and I have been using the google docs to upload and download info I need at home and school with out losing the flow of it. Sadly I have found the format it changes it to makes it impossible to take back and forwards the way I need and I have just been back to my Glow to use it here instead.

The council it moving towards shared folders and cloud storage, so Ultimately I can save in one place and open in another, luckly I have the same spec at home as at work so can transfer seemlessly!

I can't add software to my work mahcine and part of the good of drop box is file share, so that isn't an option for work. I shall be trying and useing it in other circumstances but for now I have tried and won't keep using google docs.

This is a problem that needs to be solved as printing and posting things gets less practicle and my last job application was compelety electronic!

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