Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Think #6

Thing #6

network sites, which I had been looking forward to, like most of the things hasn't
been what I thought it would be. I have checked all the ones suggested and found very differing reactions and results to them.


I did like
this and it had loads of info but it also scared me at this time, very full of work and networking, almost a CV online in many cases, and I am sure that is
its function but while I will check it and may join one day I chose not to at
the moment, as I have enough in my life with work and world changes and
currently have no need of more work or a new job, one for my future bit not


This one I
have been on for years and I love the games and keeping a gentle touch on lives
of distant friends and family, I also keep a closer link to friends and colleagues
closer and to relax, less of a social network as a social need for me :-) I did
add the pages to my likes that I didn't have yet, but I also have others already and in my twitter. Due to work constraints I can only access all of facebook at
home but can use RSS feeds like to access the main info.


This one
was new to me and I have joined to see more, I like the idea of sharing news
and ideas and while I graduated 20 years ago that only means I have to work harder to keep relevant, and tools like this will help me. I also left my forum comment for the Hi section, with my blog in, I must confess I have a blog and
blog often but rarely tell anyone about it :-)


Being in
education and knowing that every librarian is a teacher either formally or informally, I joined this one automatically, I am also planning my library
skills at the moment and making it much more hands on...


I knew this
existed but haven't been on it until now, I had some time to wander and amazingly found a long lost friend on it and we have linked up again after 10
years gap and it is nice to find she too has work in this world of fewer jobs,
and is doing well. For all that this one seems like it needs some love or a
push as there wasn't much there beyond people search!

Over all I
have enjoyed doing the social network thing for CPD23, I have picked up new
ideas and joined a few new groups, I have also worked out how I can track my RSS from last week (yeh late I know) and I am getting more out of each thing
than I expected, It helps to have it laid out and one at a time, but now of
course I am off to check on thing 7 :-D.

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