Saturday, 6 August 2011

Thing #5

I am here:
Spent a morning cooking and washing, Laughing at my kittens discovering how wet the rain is and not going out :-). Also got my self a blank book and started a reflective journal last night to round up my day and made a list of what to do to help me sleep, and it did so I shall be keeping it up when I can. Work is so close to change and the new job is already filling my inbox, but I am coping and looking forward to it.
Where I have been:
Trying to sort my life and work out, I had big plans at the start of the summer and I have fulfilled some of them, I went to the umbrella conference and came away all fired up! I have contacted some and have others to contact, I have set some ideas in motion and have others held for when I need them.
What I think:
I am making changes and seem to be able to keep them as long as I stay small and doable, I would love to make great big ones but I wont keep them going! I am more aware of my own style, I seem to be RIA more than ROA, I need to continue my Reflection in action but I must start also reflecting on actions and looking at good as well as bad, I often see what didn't work, but forget to acknowledge what did work and to celebrate this, and help set success in my work and life.
Plan for the rest of the CPD23:
Keep doing the tasks/things in order, to use the new skills I am learning and to help pass them on which helps me to reinforce them in my own life, I find doing and then stopping things easy, but if I have shared others will ask how is it going and I have to keep going rather than give up :-) peer pressure is a very big incentive in my life.
I have been enjoying blogging and while I do heaps online for fun I don't blog it, nor have I been using these skills for work very much. The CPD23 has made me more aware of what I can do. It has also helped me address issues that are new or now relevant due to work changes.

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