Wednesday, 3 October 2012

CPD23 Thing #22 Voluteering

Thing #22 Volunteering, I did loads of things between finishing my degree and getting my first professional post, Some where in libraries and some elsewhere, most paid for but non professional, some unpaid. I didn't aim to make myself more employable but everything I did has added to my CV.

This is a great idea as long as the job isn't in place of a paid staff, and isn't just unpaid work that should be paid for. The opportunities up here are very limited but I have done some for local heritage groups etc, and find that anything that rises your profile means some one will think of you when work becomes available.

If I had been south or in a bigger community the chances for work would be higher even if there is more competition. Here there is only limited but some groups think that you will give them your full expertise for nothing and be at their beck and call. Be aware you are not an unpaid slave, but do remember it should also be fun :-).

I am also struck that I have only one blog post left for this CPD23, time has flown by and I have enjoyed it alot! I am not sure but I may do it again next year to see whats new and to make me think again. Almost 'CPD23 is dead, long live CPD23'

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