Thursday, 11 October 2012

CPD23 Thing #23

The last Thing! I am so proud to get here and so sad to be here too. I have got so much out of the cpd23 that I have spent my last year recommending it to any chartership candidates and anyone else who’ll sit still for me :-).

The whole experience has helped me develop work attitudes and focus on the useful skills. I now feel I am part of the profession, I could get a job elsewhere with the skills and view point from the CPD23 both from doing and failing last year and then doing and passing this year. I have become more active but this has helped me focus and be more proactive for work, I can go off on tangents happy in myself with no result for many hours of work. This has helped me focus and gain confidence of my own work and skills.

The current (and last thing) is to blog what comes next, do a swot or PDP and then move forward. I am doing these and will be looking over the results for a few days to give me time to think about what next and why (the why has become more important) I am currently on leave (yes yes I will be going home soon) and not officially in work, but I don’t see my job as a clock in and out one, I don’t stop at home time, and as such I see myself as a librarian, not a worker. Shocked my poor boss when I turned up at her base yesterday between shopping and breakfast to say hi and what’s happening. She asked me to find out info and then to sort out a visit for myself and another to a course, but of course this was while in the wool festival on Saturday so I dropped in yesterday to tell her what I had done and to check she was happy for me to finish the arrangement’s! Last year I would have needed my hand holding, or need telling to do it, now all I needed was to keep her in the loop!

I love the new knowledge and skills base from the CILIP, and am filling it in as I work on this, but I am not sure what I shall be aiming for next hence the half a blog post, the other one will be another day when I know what I want to do (I said the why was important now) not just because I should do it.

I know some of my world would have changed any way due to changes in service, and some I would have done I am me and would have done them anyway, but the CPD23 has given me the structure to make it all work out. My new attitude is not solely due to CPD23 but the structure has helped me no end, as has blogging each week. I shall keep that up as its fun!

My sound track to the day today is the Ness River Rhythm Kings from Tams Bar in the Glen Mohr hotel who I spent a lovely Tuesday night listening to. Fab band and real gents too :-). If your ever in Inverness on a tuesday night I can recommend them for a pleasent and fun night out. They start at 9pm and run until the bar closes. (or runs dry ;-) snigger)

I will post soon what I plan for the future.

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