Thursday, 4 October 2012

National Poetry Day

In honor of National Poetry Day (and due to the fact I didn't get what I planned running) I shall share a poem of my own.

Summer Rainbows at Castlehill.

Clover coated, grass seed high

Poppy red mixed in the harlequin greens.

Bright sunshine coated carmine

Paper thin curves and crinkles.

Campion pink spikes over thick and thin

Swaying and dancing to nature’s music

Of birdsong, insects, soft breezes.

Buttercup yellow hovering over slate

And tiny points of forget-me-not blue.

Twisting buzzing tweeting life, over beds of colour

Accompanied by high thin white cloud.

By Ruan Peat

5th June 2010

I have a second one here but it isn't finished yet :-) so I shall just keep it for another day!


  1. That's lovely!

  2. A taste of summer despite the cold weather outside.