Friday, 26 October 2012

Winter has arrived

Its no good I have been pottering round making myself work, not looking at the falling snow. This morning my youngest child swung a bag on their shoulder and knocked my kindle flying. It is broken, defunct, and ex kindle, not pining for the fjords! ackk. I would not believe just the loss of the potential to read my kindle would have left me in such a state. I could could give up coffee or chocolate easier than missing my kindle. worse yet they don't make that style any more and lats time it took me a while to chase one down and I hate the touch ones!

My oldest has an identical one and has offered to give me that and get a lesser one! Sweety that he is, but oddly I am realising I am much too hooked on it! I need to replace it but may be I should stop hanging on to what I liked and see if the new is livable with! some research shows that there are a few not touch ones and while different I can adapt.

I can only liken my emotion to a feeling of loss! The snow is falling heavier but I all I am worried about is my lost kindle, the fault is hard ware so I can get my books out and move them across, if the worse happens I have them at home and can reinstall. I can't seem to articulate why this has me so upset. Poor youngest went off with out a 'have a nice day' as I wasn't sure I could speak yet with out snapping. Even now I am still shaking, and the snow still falls. (Blurred but gives an idea)

Tomorrow I am potentially part of a yarn event, which means I have to be up at 6.30am (yuck) and out in town by 7, in the snow, and the cold, and without my kindle. Some days I carry it round and never switch it on, others I seem to be reading every moment I am not working or cooking, (etc) must knit more to stop the shakes! Have wool arriving today maybe so that will help. Now I must decide to order the same and wait the ages order basic and swap with oldest child or get basic for me! latter would be easiest and cheapest, first would be fab but I have no waiting ability! and the most expensive option! Will talk with hubby.

What a drama queen I can be :-) some aspects of myself I am not very proud of, but they exists and I need to work round most of them, some can even be useful if put to the right job.

Had to be part of an interview panel this week, which was very hard work. As an interviewee you have to be 100% focused for your interview. As the interviewer You have to be totally focused for every interview, you can not give any less to the last candidate than the first, you can not change or adapt your style as you have already used it for the others. But once you have spoken to all you then have to mark, grade, evaluate the interviews and compare them and (shock horror) not give them all jobs. It was very hard, all spoke well, any of them could have done the job. Some had strengths in one area others in different areas, how do you compare a retired professional with a hard working home help, or a parent returning? or? well you see the various issues. Over all a very interesting view on what you should be aware of when interviewing.

Hardest was all the answers were fairly generic, IE what they though we wanted to hear. So all said more or less the same thing, even when invited to give examples, they tired to tie it to libraries. We can train you for libraries but it made differentiating between them so much harder. The person who got it was the one who gave the best personal answers. They thought about why they wanted the job, they hadn't done the most home work but didn't just say they liked books, or people but that they wanted to make people happy. Doing the job meant something to them not just a job. Not just this is how it 'would suit me' but more this is why 'I suit you' attitude.

The snow is stopping the fallen snow is melting fast (well this close to the sea it usually does as we are not far from the river and just up the hill from the harbour.) and I am finally not shaking. I shall lay both option to my hubby and we shall decide what I will replace my kindle with, I shall finish my coffee in peace and glare at the messing around 4th years. Normality has resumed

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  1. The new kindle is 'okay' I shall cope and it is lighter which has been a blessing with a bad wrist.
    The weather has turned again and snow is nothing but a memory, but as the 'Frankenstorm' as the BBC called it is coming soon that may yet change :-).