Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Better Balanced

Two posts in one week, this has been an odd one :-) and not even the end of the week yet...

I am knitting a Flat Footed Floogie for a gift for a new baby and having so much fun, I am dragging out the finishing as I don't have any excuse not to part with it when finished! but it is lovely and I will take a pic when I finish as a memory. I have made the Lamb but have wool for the rabbit too! may make that one for me but SHHH don't tell any one, I am far to old for a Lovey.

Blog post that I must mention is Letters to a young Librarian, which I find raises interesting issues that don't get covered in library school and often until you face it you never even hear about it! so more power to this blog. This weeks is about office supplies and if you should just lend/give out your stuff to be used and abused by the students on hand, The comments add to the whole debate.

After the weekends rattle and getting things sorted to replace the lost work possibly I am now much better balanced than Monday, the world is not falling over any more and the light heading my way, may not be an oncoming train! There are people dealing with so much more traumatic events that mine was just more of a ho hum moment. Last night there was a program about trains that had a lady talking about her job, she had come to work after her husband had died and was keeping a hold of her self well when a woman came up and lost it over the train being 3 minutes early/late The lady said she stood there thinking if only all I had to worry about was the trains being 3 minutes out! Makes you stop and think, and its true, a big problem for one person is not for another, so with some perspective this post should be much better balanced :-D.

I am looking forward to the Umbrella Conference in July, I had the good fortune to go to the last one and enjoyed myself so much! I can highly recommend it, my biggest problem was choosing what to go to each time and I am still referring back to things I did and got then. I also made so many contacts and found so many new ideas, my room is booked, my early bird ticket is ordered. I can't wait.

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