Friday, 8 February 2013

Break Ahoy

I sit at my desk, keeping my mind focused on the thought of half term. I am not a holiday watcher normally but this term has felt very hard work. I am supposed to have time off but I will be working as there are not enough hours in the week just now to juggle all I have to do!

The weather which figures in my blog more often in winter has been cold and storm showers flying through. I have had a weather warning for next Wednesday as I need to be elsewhere by then and will have been since the day before! I am now worried about getting home! Added to that we have a very important bridge being worked on starting Monday that limits access south from the Far north to Inverness! So travel next week just got a lot harder.

The sun is shining just to make my worries seem daft! but we get what the east coast of america has about 3 to 5 days later! Snow alert! So far this winter for all that has hit Britain we have had it fairly mild for us up here, only minus 7 and an inch or so which didn't last of snow, my cats will not be happy if more falls!

They look bad enough when it rains :-) as you can see by the picture of one very wet cat and her much drier mother eating next to her. Yes they have a box to sit on, we get them with our groceries, they sit on it, claw it and chew it, my sofa never gets touched! When it falls to pieces we just get a new box, that way if one decides to claim it and keep the others off it only lasts until we get a new box.

I am blogging ahead of next week as Monday I plan to be asleep for many hours more than normal! Tuesday is travel and meetings, Wednesday is meetings and more meetings then home, Thursday is hmm oh yes meetings all day and then for a change on Friday I have a meeting but that will be in my own library.

My blog of note is a local artist who has the most amazing way of looking at life, she leads workshops up here and throws out ideas and support. I love following what she has planned as it is never boring or still. She is Joanne B Karr and she has just finished a museum collection for Caithness Horizons. The last one of those is a wonderful place to visit if you ever get as far as Thurso, nice layout, covers loads of local history and geography, and great Cafe!

Keep well and safe over the next week or so as winter tries a comeback.

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