Monday, 18 February 2013

Left Field

I always loved those Holly Hobby images that said 'love is... ' then some twee saying that could have come from a fortune cookie! Nothing too challenging, nothing too complicated, and infinitely repeatable. and a variation was Life is... which I used to make my own versions up!

This weekend showed that my favorite from then was still in force. Life is what happens while your planning other things. My husbands work which has never been solid and we were expecting him to be told the work has finished in Easter time got a call late Friday to say they didn't want him in Monday! Ouch. Spent part of weekend in shock, its a bit like a relationship where you planned on breaking it off gently in a few weeks only to be dumped now! Expect odd comments about job hunting to appear!

I had such a busy week past week and did so much, but now have to deal with all the stuff waiting on me, I have a fierce to do list with very short deadlines on things and no time to do them! :-) so life is normal once I stopped wallowing  I have successfully managed to set up a Cilip course in Inverness more info to follow once I have the last details ironed out (on the to do list) so watch this space!

I have had the joy of loads of unread blog posts to catch up with after such a busy week and I found myself saving some to read as the treat at the end of the chore! so I have chosen one of these to share today. The Hack School Library is based in america and helps, looks at issues for a library student, I like the wide range of topics, and the fresh eye that gets applied. It has made me stop and think, sit back and cogitate, and generally challenges my 'comfortable' way of thinking! I realise I did very little thinking at University  I did what I was told and turned in the work needed but seem to have missed a whole other side to student life, I know it existed as fellow student spent ages discussing and arguing things but I didn't seem to be aware of them as much. So even now I find out new things from the blog which makes me think more.

I week of meetings last week was good but I have one more to do, so tomorrow I am off to Farr, which isn't far! well not for me :-) to a meeting, and to drop in on the Bettyhill Library. It is a strange but cosy affair, The community has both this and the local library van once every three weeks, so should be some of the best read community's around. The best bit for me though will be the views driving  there and back, cold crisp day I hope, with snow in the hills and sheltered areas, wild life and horizons to die for. The pic is from last Easter when the snows had gone, but what a view!

And finally just to cheer me up, one of my kittens being very perched! and yes her tail really is that long that it sticks out and round her front feet when sat down! This is Midnight who was black at birth and very sweet, but has grown up to be bigger than mum and sisters and can be very pushy, but is so pretty!

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  1. I missed my book this/last week I read 'To love and be wise' by Josephine Tey, I didn't want to re-read 'The daughter of time', just because! so enjoyed this instead, and what a ride, please look it up and read, amazing!