Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Changeable Weather

Well after last weeks clean and clear days we have had some yucky weather so far, yesterday couldn't make up it mind for snow rain or wind, and sometimes all three! The day got so dark at times and we had over and inch of snow at one point! but nothing stopped. The waves in the local bay where amazing, breaking over harbor sides and in the Islands there are pictures of waves twice the height of the houses its breaking over!

Trying to organise or get organised a Cilip meeting in Inverness and have found I am not alone! not sure what next so am just waiting on replies! changeable as I said, the date changed late last night the venue is now in doubt, as are the guests, I will post when I have dates and times and when all is settled!

I am still enjoying the readarama, which is week two! and I read the wonderful book 'The Last Minute' by Eleanor Updale. Finished it late last night and then spent a while I lay in bed thinking about it, and first thing this morning I had it open to reread! I can't say much about the story line beyond it is the last minute leading up to an explosion, why you need to read, how again you need to read it. It is written in seconds, 60 seconds to the blast, who is where doing what and in some cases why, but overall you get drawn in and I found myself rushing through to the end, but didn't want it to happen! Very good book I can recommend it. The Blog post about it is here but the book is down towards the bottom.

I also got given a donation of books for my library which I am very pleased with, from Mrs A Coghill, which she won and donated to the school, a lot more arrived in the boxes but the departments got them first, which is annoying but it all goes to the school. I spent most of yesterday afternoon writing in the fronts  and will plan to get them covered and in the system by the end of today and out by the end of the week.

and my Blog of the week this week is the Censored Genius which is titled as not a blog! :-) it has made me laugh, made my day and lightened my whole view of the world.

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