Saturday, 6 June 2009

Different Plans

Today had a plan which was mellow and relaxed and had lots of rest and little work planned, yeh didn't happen.
The long lie in just didn't happen and I was up by 10 am dressed and ready to wander into town as a brief excursion with a planned trip round some fun crafty shps and then back home to play, no wool and no hassle. By 11.30 we had plans for us all to go into town stop at one of two places for me and then onto Scrabster for The mission fayre and then on to Reay to collect daughter friend who is now sleeping in the tree house!
we got home at 3ish and then I spent a while sorting timeings as I promised a trip to the cinema which grew in size, but sadly I had forgotten in my earlier plans! So by 5.30pm I was doing one of 3 trips to drop or collect various children at the Allstar cinema and Hannah Montana and then Star Trek have been discussed and regaled me all evening.
My youngest came back from his girlfriend's and after a bit of chat he said how tired he was and went to bed early! He can go there again.
I ended up with Wool for a new project I was planning for summer, some material and notions for a dress my daughter wants and we shall take to grannys to make under her guidance, so when I lose my temper she can step in and help her finish it.
So many changed plans but over all a good day, and a mellow night hopefully if the tree house sleepers allow.

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