Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Flying with Angels and Demons

Oh woo hoo, I have just got back from watching The new movie Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and I loved it, an amazing roller coaster ride, I didn't notice the time pass or the surroundings, just woo hoo what a fab ride.
Well thats my promo of the week :-D
Work is ticking over with the usual shoehorn time for classes and new timetables, which don't start until next week so the 4th and 5th years are in all week and have nothing to as they have taken exams, and many are not in the subjects again or leaving if they get grades etc which makes for an odd disjointed week and another 3 to follow with a new timetable in place if it works.
My new council meets monday lunchtime for their first meeting and get their hands on a bit of budget to spend, if I have any! and many be get other things going too. Also ran a reading game tailored to project and staff members work which went very very well.
Tomorrow I hope to get the last council members to tell them too.
Mind you I wont be letting the main character from the movie in my Library after what he did to the Vatican Archive!

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